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November 27, 2007

Preparation for DT GCSE the real thing

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This years exam requires you have an understanding of the wonderful world of picnic and garden furniture that can be transported by car. (not very environmentally friendly).

Your exam is on 2nd June 2008 9am. 

You have been given a preliminary sheet which you should use to start your preparation for the exam. If you have lost it then there us a link here to downloads of the pages.

The first thing to do is to look and see what is already out there, (stuff that other people have done). So visit a purveyor of garden furniture and picnic equipment or look in magazines, journals or catalogues.

Brain storm (using a mind map) these ideas and record the good and not so good features of each.

From this start to produce a draft specification for a piece of furniture.

You might also like to speak to people who use garden and picnic (users) and record what they have to suggest makes a good and not so good design solution.

Have a look at materials used, how things are fixed together (why are most flat packed?) and the dimensions.

Ask yourself questions about the designs: does it look strong enough or too strong? Does it look stylish or is it just functional?

Have a look at real furniture: have they got any damage? Have any bits fallen off? Got broken? Can you see why this has happened?

Here is a PDF file of existing design which you might find helpful when starting to analyse your ideas: chairs 2


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