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December 1, 2007

Lets take the wheels off the cart…….why?

Filed under: Rants — Editor @ 7:50 am

Some people feel that they can push other people around, why? 

Who they think they are?

Why do they think that they can do this?

I have noticed that when someone new joins an organisation there are groups who run around and support that person (supporters), there are those who deliberately try and subvert what that person is trying to do (terrorists), there are people who gripe in the corner (axis of evil) and there are those who don’t care (skins).

Has anyone else noticed this?

For example: you try and improve peoples work, they might have to learn something new but in the end they will have a better way of working and get more from what they are doing, but there are people who deliberately try to take the wheels off the cart. 

Why do they try to de-rail something? Usually because they are jealous and because they know that they couldn’t do the job themselves. I have worked with people who spend their entire time trying to subvert anything that is being done in the organisation.  For example: a memo is sent to all staff asking them to save money, to tighten their belts as far as possible. It is a fact that all organisations can save money. Over time spending gets out of control and needs to be pulled back in, thats life. The ‘terrorist’ will suggest that sending the memo was a waste of money or that they should look at turning the heating down in management areas because of all the hot air, or the food should be different etc. etc.

I’ll be back……………………


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