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December 31, 2007

Answering Exam Questions to get the Maximum Marks ~ Exam Techniques

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It is important, as we have all said many many times, that you actually answer the questions that are asked in an exam. Unfortunately many candidates don’t do this and thus loose out on marks that they could be awarded.

Example 1:

Question: Name two types of ICT that would/could be used in the DESIGN of a computer workstation.

The key words are ICT and DESIGN the answer MUST have these in it! So you might use a software DESIGN package or a modelling package to look at the DESIGN.

Don’t mention manufacturing because the question did not ask about that.  Computer Aided Manufacture is not an appropriate answer!

Please make sure that read the questions carefully

Example 2:

Question: Write a detailed specification for a computer workstation.

The question asks for the specification for the workstation not for a compter. Many candidates will write a specification for a computer and not the workstation.

Have a look at the detailed specification that that I have included on this blog for a computer workstation.  Heres the link to this area: https://destech.wordpress.com/2007/12/02/computer-workstations-and-safety/

Specifications should usually include reference to the following:

  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Ergonomics (make sure you know what this is)
  • Quality of Manufacture
  • Accessibility

Remember you will not be awarded marks for repeating answers that you have already given (this applies to all exams and all subjects).

Sketching and Annotation:

Make sure that you show the examiner that you can draw solutions. High quality sketches enable you to have access to higher level marks and communicate quickly and easily. Don’t draw small scrapy drawings. Use some colour and annotate your drawings clearly.


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