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May 6, 2008

Joining metals with mechanical fasteners…..

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Joining metal together………………………….

Joining to metal together is quite difficult at times particularly if you need it to move. It is quite common to see rivets used with ‘bell caps’. These are often seen on push chairs and other day to day folding items.

This is the inside of a bell cap, it consists of two parts, the cap and the star shaped sprung washer which grips the rivet shaft. It can only be removed by damaging the cap and sprung washer.

The cap is also used to hold wheels in place on pushchairs and childrens toys.

The picture shows the bell cap, round headed rivet and a snap or pop rivet.

Pop rivets are used a lot in the coach building, aircraft and vehicle industries. They are also used in fabrication and heating ducts/systems to help locate non-load bearing objects like ducts and pipes.

Pop rivets are inserted into a hole and then a tool used to pull the ballended pin through until it snaps off leaving the rivet clenching the metal sheets together.

This picture shows the rivet before use, the plain metal shaft is hardened steel and is gripped in the tool. On the left of the picture you can see the ball end which forces itself into the softer rivet body.

You can clearly see in this picture the ‘neck’ which fails when it reaches the top of the rivet body leaving the hardened steel pin in the tool to be discarded.


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