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December 26, 2008

Mindmapping and Triage

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Triage is something that I would normally associate with going to Accident & Emergency. (triage: The sorting out and classification of patients or casualties to determine priority of need and proper place of treatment. ) I have recently seen an on-line article about how a similar system is used to simply process, gather, sort and make judgements about information while keeping whats important and relevant while not letting the remaining information clutter the situation.

LG advert

LG advert

This picture is of an advert for LG products which uses a mindmap style to communicate information about one of their products.

Now in the  triage article is states that irrelevant information should be disregarded or rejected.This is a phrase that I have come across many times in my reading of research and writings about mindmapping. Its a phrase that I would not use. As a trained designer I would never reject or disregard an idea or solution at any stage, because you never know when that might be the key to unlocking the puzzle and therefore the solution.

It is suggested that like medical triage, information triageis something that can be effectively used to identify the most urgent and important information first so that it can be ‘treated’. The reason that software based systems are so useful here is because as the priority changes the triage can be changed to reflect the change in priority or order. The flexibility of the iMindMap software means that ‘modeling’ can take place and the affects seen particularly for project planning. (a feature of iMindMap Ultimate).

I would support the view that mindmapping and in particular iMindMap software is ideal for this type of organisation of work load.

I will be trying this technique as I work at developing my training business in the next few months and I will feedback here how I am getting on.

As always I recommend iMindMap software the only product that has been endorsed by Tony Buzan. Please see my pages on the use and purchase of this fantastic software.


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