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January 2, 2009

Develop your creativity by………..

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Creativity can really be enhanced by have times when you just sit back and rest, mulling things over in your head will really enable you to develop more and more ideas.

When I was at university I was listening to a lecture which was extolling the virtues of thinking time and visualising your ideas. The lecturer stated that it was rare to be able to visualise things working in your head, I was surprised by this as it is something that I have always been able to do. I can work out how something works in my head and see it working or moving.

We were told a story about Nikola Tesla and how he had been able to make machines and motors run in his head working out where they would wear or fail. This really interested me because I can do this too! Tesla was awarded 221 worldwide patents, and 113 US patents. These covered polyphase AC power alternators, transformers, and motors, radio communication, fluorescent lighting, automotive ignition systems, VTOL aircraft, efficient bladeless turbines, etc. Tesla was relatively unconcerned about getting rich, seeking funds only to continue his research for the betterment of humanity. After 1915, Tesla slowly faded into obscurity, finally dying penniless in 1943. Later that year, the US Supreme Court declared Tesla the TRUE inventor of radio.

Tesla was undoubtedly  a prolific designer, inventor and engineer who according to BA Behrend:

“Were we to seize and eliminate from our industrial world the results of Mr. Tesla’s work, the wheels of industry would cease to turn, our electric cars and trains would stop, our towns would be dark, our mills would be dead and idle” 

Now it would seem highly likely (although I have no proof) that since Tesla worked closely with Edison (and we know that Edison used a form of mindmapping) that Tesla is likely to have used this highly visual thinking tool. This link takes you to a very interesting site about Nikola Tesla http://teslamania.delete.org/frames/Tesla0.html

My daughter made an interesting observation recently while watching me Mind Mapping: Did Thomas Edison get an image of a light bulb when he came up with the idea? Who knows, maybe it was a candle or a gas lamp, and in the future will inventors get an image of an energy efficient light bulb?

Again my daughter told me that I should use energy efficient light bulb images in my mind Mapping to indicate ideas, but there is a problem, they take much longer to draw!



  1. When should we expect your first patent then Tim? 😀

    Seriously, in honour of your inspiring words I will pledge to refocus on my personal goal to fit in some sitting time each day. Purposely doing ‘nothing’ continues to be a real challenge for me and you have reminded me of why I have this ‘goal’ as a row on my personal weekly star chart. Wish me space and determination!


    Comment by hannahejones — March 8, 2009 @ 10:34 pm

  2. Thank you Hannah, I will let you know when the first one arrives! I have some registered designs and one or two ideas that may make it off the ground. At the moment the focus is publication of a text for teaching Mind Mapping for education.
    I learnt the value of thinking time when working in Quaker Schools: each week there are long periods of silence. I value that in my life. It takes time to get used to it and you need to build up the stamina like exercise. Start with say 10 -15 minutes and then work up to a longer period. Day dreaming is GOOD :), good for the mind and good for the body.

    Comment by Editor — March 8, 2009 @ 10:46 pm

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