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February 16, 2009

Basic Order Ideas (BOI) How to make them effective

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Basic Order Ideas (BOI) are something which Tony Buzan makes constant reference to in his books and talks on Mind Mapping technique. They literally form the first level structure of the Mind Map. They are the structure that will support everything else on the map, get them right and the map will be very effective, get them wrong and the map becomes really difficult to understand it does not convey the information effectively as the mapper might have expected or hoped.

The BOI are the associative links to ‘lever’ the brain into making the links from one area to another.  I am a great joke teller and I can recall jokes just be remembering one or two things about them. This is a great example of associative links. There are some jokes which require one image or word to enable a complex joke to be recalled.

The Mind Map here shows the a summary of the important ‘questions’ or ‘prompts’ to consider when trying to decide on what should and should not be  a BOI.

created in iMindMap v3

created in iMindMap v3


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