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March 4, 2009

Al Gore MindMaps

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It is very common knowledge that a number of famous and infamous leaders MindMap, but I wonder why we are all surprised by this fact? Mind Mapping is something that millions of us do daily in our work or more often as part of everything we do.
I met some people yesterday on Tony Buzan’s introduction to Mind Mapping course in London (where I was a guest demonstrating and enouraging the students) who were all fired up and ready to use Mind Mapping. Its great to see such enthusiasm and interest. We should not be surprised that if the likes of Al Gore, Bill Gates and others use Mind Maps, in fact we should be shocked and outraged by those leaders who don’t!

Mind Mapping does unlock our potential and many people are failing themselves by not using their full potential.

My journey home from London was again interupted by a fellow passenger asking what I was doing and how Mind Mapping works! Another person has been enlightened to the marvellous key to their potential success.

Al Gore does use Mind Mapping, there’s one just above his head in this picture. Yes, his office looks messy, yes, it looks disorganised, but I am sure he knows where everything is when he needs it! I  bet his worse fear is the cleaner coming and tidying up!




  1. Hi Tim

    Nice post….I like Al Gore’s screens, they look handy!

    I agree unlocking personal potential is a brilliant thing – and Mind Maps are a great way for many people to do just that.

    It is wonderful to know that leaders are using Mind Maps. What I would love to see is it being taken a stage further. Imagine harnessing the collective brain power of the planet. Linking the most powerful computers known to man (i.e. the human brain), in order to create real change – now that would be something special.

    Comment by Paul Foreman — March 4, 2009 @ 3:29 pm

  2. Thank you Paul, I wish I had the screens and the frog! Yes it would be wonderful to link brains to make something special happen, we must keep hoping, dreamig and planning. If you want something bad enough it will surely happen.

    Comment by Editor — March 4, 2009 @ 7:12 pm

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