Mind Mapping & Creative Thinking

March 10, 2009

Reflection Time in these difficult times

mindmaper-3I believe that it is essential that everyone has time to reflect and review anything and everything that they are doing. This could be work, study or just things for yourself.

We read daily of the stress induced by modern lifestyles and work, stress caused by driving, call centres, children, family, relationships, finance issues, corporate and personal change and much more.

Everyday people end up hospitalised because of stress and the physical effects of stress on the body.

Young children seem to know how to deal with stress, they lie down, curl up and snooze!

I have been teaching a lot of creativity workshops recently and one element that I include is relaxation, reflection and review. Why? Well sometimes when we are  trying to solve a problem we meet a block, a brick wall. We can’t get further, we think we can’t solve the problem but if we take time to stand back, lie down, curl up and reflect, review and relax we CAN solve the problem often in the most imaginative and different way.

Great ideas come from reflection.  It is often reported that all the great problem solvers and thinkers build time in their days to do just this.

Give it a try and see what happens!


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