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March 16, 2009

Dashboards for your mind ~ updated


Dashboards are one of the most useful tools that I have come across for the daily use of a Mind Map to keep me organised and in control.

I was working on a course recently and one of the delegates caught sight of my note book (which never leaves my side).

‘Wow, you really use this stuff don’t you?’

Yes of course I do and Dashboards are so useful.


This picture shows a ‘master dashboard’ which can be completed each week.

So let me tell you how they work for me.

DASHBOARDS are long term and short term Mind Maps for planning and organising. They are often linked to each other which why using software to create them is so useful. Like the dashboard in the car which has all your controls at your finger tips, the Mind Map dashboard lets you have everything at you finger tips.

At the start of each week I produce a ‘to do map’ (a to do list).  Each of the first order branches (BOI’s) then forms a child map or separate map.


The master map (dashboard) is linked directly or indirectly to the child map.  I have a quick overview of what is going on that week, as tasks come along they are added to the dashboard and the detail added to the child map.

There are many more uses for this type of approach to planning and organising.  I will add them to this post in the next few days.

This Mind Map was produced using iMindMap.


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  1. I often use a mindmap to plan my daily to do list. I have a standard set of colours I use for each aspect of my life and work.
    However I am currently finding it useful to use small post-it notes to collate all future activities and move them around on a weekly ‘planner’ (aka a sheet of black A4 card) until they get added to my daily to do list. I am a visual thinker and so this works well for me.

    Comment by hannahejones — March 23, 2009 @ 9:55 pm

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