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March 29, 2009

Mind Mapping Pens Stabilo Trio 2 in 1

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proI have been experimenting with different pens and pencils for Mind Mapping workshops.

I have just come across some NEW and really good Stabilo pens which are double ended.


These pens are so good because they allow you to have the fine tip for writing and fine lines and the thicker end for colouring in larger areas.

They don’t bleed or smudge and they don’t seem to dry out even if you leave the lid off all day in a warm room!

One of my tests is to draw with the pen and then wait a few minutes before using a plastic rubber on it. Most pens fail this test by smudging the link. However these pens pass this test easily.

My only slight disappointment is that the range of colours is so small (only 10) but these pens are new onto the market and maybe Stabilo will extend the range.

My plan will be to obtain these pens in bulk and then sell them on to the Mind Mappers who are interested.

Highstreet prices are £5.99 which is about the norm these days for good pens.

So to sum up these pens are great value and high quality, they perform well and hold their colour. Mind Mappers these pens will be great for ‘out and about’ Mapping.

If you have used these pens then let me know what you think too.



  1. Never used these 2 in 1 pens, but I will look out for them next time I am in next in a stationary store (my idea of heaven).
    However, I can offer advice on two brands of fine line fibre tipped pens that come in packs of many colours. I have now bought a pack of each of the following specifically for mind mapping:
    Stabilo point 88 (Highly recommended)
    Staedtler triplus fineliners (Disappointing and incompatibly with my writing style/pressure)

    I was initially drawn to, and bought, the Staedler set because they have a triangular cross section, great for comformatble holding, however the nibs ‘wore down’ very quickly and I was left having to hold the pens vertically to be able to make a mark at all.
    I did enjoy using multiple colours so I tried again with the Stabilo point 88’s and was delighted with the quality of the nib. My favourite colour has now run out, but with about 20 in the pack I have plenty more to use until I have to buy more.
    The one downside of the Stabilo pens is that they have a small circular cross section and my hand hurts if I do too much writing, so I use a soft grip tube over any of these pens that I am going to be holding for a long period of time.

    So what is my verdict

    Comment by hannahejones — April 6, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

  2. Thanks Hannah, Stabilo are simply the best pens around and they don’t mind the lids being left off!
    I am also a fan of the 88’s and have a large pack which goes everywhere. I can’t understand how the high street store mark up their proces to a truely criminal level.
    Staedtler 1.0mm Tripus are good for larger areas, the fineliners dryout quickly and have a drawing surface which wears out really quickly.
    The best pens for black lines are Pilot Hi TecPoint 0.5 and 0.7 as they dry quickly and don’t smudge.

    Comment by Editor — April 6, 2009 @ 12:49 pm

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