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December 15, 2009

Is Mind Mapping missing from Education systems?

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There are many of us who believe that Mind Mapping is a key element missing from education in the UK and other places around the world. It is missing from teacher training and then of course missing from the education system, schools and lessons. The people who miss out the most are of course the children our potential great thinkers, creators of the future.

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  2. Yesterday I realized that mind mapping is alive in my son’s primary school classroom.

    Yesterday I created a mind map of the things that I wanted my boys and I to achieve by the end of the day. I drew the mind map on my 5 year old son’s white board just after breakfast and then gave him the option of what we would do first. My son then spontaneously wrote a title showing that he understood exactly the purpose of the mind map.

    Later in the day my son said that his teddy, George, needed a wash and reminded me that George’s nose needed sewing up.
    I suggested he added it to the mind map, which he did. He drew a picture of George, a sewing needle and a washing machine. I was particularly impressed as everything else I had penned were words and I hadn’t even suggested he drew a picture.

    My son’s current teacher does use a wordy mind-map-type diagram to describe what the children will be doing each term, but I had never asked how this is shared with the children, perhaps I should!

    To see a photo of our mind map visit http://wp.me/pJYtC-dK

    Comment by hannahejones — December 30, 2009 @ 6:23 pm

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