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IQ Matrix Adam Sicinski

I love looking at the Mind Maps and Visual Maps that other ‘mappers have produced. Tony Buzan always says ‘look at what others have done, copy their good ideas, thats not cheating. Cheating is copying to decieve’.

The IQ Matrix website is a good place to look and even buy maps produced by Adam. I’m not sure how he produces the visual maps, whether it be software of hand drawn it doesn’t matter they are truely amazing!

Adam has his own style just as Paul Foreman and others have their own styles.

Adam has given permission to display this map here. I hope that you can all see what an amazing piece of work, both from a content point of view and from a quality point of view.

My aim is going to be to try and map similar ideas using the Buzan concepts to see what the difference is visually as well as conceptually.

I will post the results in due course.

mastermind-matrix-pr Adam’s Mastermind Matrix as a PDF


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