Mind Mapping & Creative Thinking

Finishes and Finishes for Materials

This section is where you can find out about the finishing processes for different materials.

We start with timber (wood).  I will be using my usual mindmaps to help you prepare for your projects and exams.

To download this map please click this link to the PDF:  finishes-timber

 Before a finish can be applied to timber the surface which will take the finish needs to be prepared carefully. This is the part that no-one likes doing but it is where time is well spent. (I hate finishing materials but when I do and I get a good finish it is very satisfying.)

The material that is applied to the surface has to be selected carefully depending on:

  • use
  • material
  • location
  • cost
  • user

The finish needs to protect and enhance the object, all too often the finishes seen in school are poor quality due the the lack of time spent on the preparation.



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