Creativity, Design and Making

Evaluation Guidelines

At the end of your project you must write a detailed evalutaion. This is one of the most important parts of your folder and you must make sure that you give it the time that it needs.

Use the following guidelines to help you:

Your evaluation should be in the form a report (Think Which? report in style).

Use plenty of diagrams and photographs to help explain your points.

You should use the following headings to help organise your report:

  • Specifications: Does your final product meet the specifications which you set out at the start? Explain how each specification is met or is not met and give reasons why. Give full clear, honest answers and use diagrams where possible.
  • Testing: Testing your final design. Does it work? Explain your tests, how and why you did them. Explain any testing no matter how small that went on during manufacturing.
  • Client Evaluation: Get the clients (users) to evaluate your work. This could be an interview, (recorded on video if you like), written reply, letter, questionnaire etc.  Fully documented.
  • Modifications: What modifictaions did you make, how and why did you do this? Use diagrams to explain why these were done.
  • Improvements: What improvements would you make to your design if you were doing it again, give reasons and use diagrams.
  • Costing: Use the software ‘Resistant materials 2’ available on the school system to cost your project. Add VAT at 17.5% and use the labour cost of £4 per hour (this is very low but realistic) You should have spent about 25 hours making your final design.

Answer the following questions in full:

  1. Were the planning and working drawing adequate for your needs?
  2. Did you use your time effectively?
  3. What are the best parts of your project? (Designing and Making Sections).

Read it all through carefully, have you been honest and have you reflected your project well?

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