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iMindMap App for iPhone & iPodTouch – Review

I have been using this free App. for a week now record in as many situations as I can.  I am extremely pleased with the ease of use and the how quickly that I was able to learn how to use this App..

See a demonstration here on Youtube.

To put my review into context I have to state that I am not an iPhone or iPodTouch user (until now I have been a ‘berry user). I had to learn how to use the iPodTouch and the App. I am however a very competent Mindmapper both digitally and hand drawn.

As with iMindMap you have to start with you central text and image, but unlike iMindMap the App. starts with text and then you choose the image. The text and the image are amazingly clear and crisp to view on the iPodTouch.

Branches are produced by ‘click and drag’ in the normal mode (speed mapping is available too), the branch text editor opens automatically allowing the adding of the text quickly and easily.

However once added the text cannot be edited, coupled with this the first letter automatically capitalises on every branch, this is a shame.

Images, notes can be added, the branch colour can be changed and hyper links added.

I noticed that when the branch is first produced it appears in one colour and then once you move to a new branch the original branch colour changes.

In speed mapping mode (which is really useful for mapping in meeting situations or researching ‘on the fly’, the branches are added automatically. But annoyingly all the branches are added anti-clockwise!

Exporting the map via email is easy using the export function and the map can be easily edited as required on the desk top version. Unfortunately on this first version it is not possible to import from the desktop version of  iMindMap yet. However this is something which is being considered for future development.

I think this is a truly amazing App. I really feel that it is user friendly and makes a very useful addition to the iMindmap portfolio. I will certainly be using and promoting this product. The features far outweigh the minor frustrations and I am  sure that they will be addressed by the developers at ThinkBuzan and BuzanOnline.

  • Non editable text
  • Capitalising every first letter on each branch
  • Anti-clockwise speedmapping
  • Importing from iMindMap
  • Opening of notes and links


  1. It’s great to hear that you are enjoying our new iMindMap app!

    I am happy to let you know that you can in fact edit the text on your branches – if you select the branch you wish to edit and then click the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen you will then be able to edit the text. Also, to open links and notes, select the branch and then click ‘edit’ on the top right of the screen – the options to edit/open links and notes will appear.

    Thank you again for your feedback – we have many developments planned for the next version so watch this space!

    Comment by Ashleigh — February 23, 2010 @ 10:44 am

  2. Hi Thanks for the update: it seems rather ‘odd’ that to edit text you don’t go through the edit function, not at all obvious or logical and thus out of line with the rest of the product(s).
    It would be better if the links and notes could be opened direct from the branch rather than via ‘edit’ which again is not logical.

    Comment by Editor — February 23, 2010 @ 10:49 am

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