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Structures Project

What is a STRUCTURE?

Check this link to see some common structures: https://destech.wordpress.com/2008/06/22/check-out-my-slide-show/

You will need to understand what a structure is for your exam at the end of the year.

There is of course no easy answer to ‘what is a structure’ however there are common features that structures all tend to have:

1. they must be able to carry a load

2. they must be able to ‘stand up’ under normal use

3. they must hold all the relevant parts in the right places

It is a fact that we cannot live way in which we do without the help of structures. They are part of all of our lives and everything that we do.


This is a picture of a very famous structure which was completed recently. Do you know where it is?

This is the Burj Al Arab Hotel (6 *) in Dubai. It is a truely amazing building that has to be seen to be belived. It is a very expensive hotel.

In older buildings which are made of stone it is easy to see the huge structure below the main building.

These pictures show the massive stone pillars which support the rest of the building. These pillars are in COMPRESSION. They are beeing SQUASHED. To judge the scale look at the people standing next to the pillars. The pillars are about 3m tall and then they have the huge stone vaulting resting on top, pressing down on to the foundations.

The ribs in the roof sturcture shown here are decorative and structural. They form arches which form a cris-cros pattern in the roof running back to the huge pillars.

This is a picture of a structure ‘failing’ (used in an advert for a camera). A structure would not fail like this but it gives a good close-up of the structure so that you can see how it works. If you look closely you can see that this bridge is made up of a girder structure (the road deck) which is suspended from cables which are attached to the towers.  The whole of the road deck is hanging in mid air and moves in the wind and with the motion of the traffic.


We will be using West Point Bridge Designer in our project work. Its free so why not down load your own copy and have fun building and testing your own bridge designs?


There are competitons which you could enter…………………. you never know you might win!


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