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Quarry Bank ~ Styal Estate History/DT visit

Please find a link to the workbook which I have produced for this visit: qb_mill 

Please feel free to use my workbook, but let me know how you got on with it.

Developing cross curricular links is easier said than done, yet we are constantly told this is something that we should all be doing. Design Technology and History have managed to deliver a fantastic opportunity for upper school rooms through a visit to Quarry Bank Mill and the Styal Estate near Bolton. The students were able to see how changes in working practice and technology combined to change how we live and work for ever.

We were all able to see in great detail way in which hand work in the cottages was so labour and time intensive but through the creative thought of a few far sighted and determined individuals lead to mechanisation at first on a small scale and then on the huge scale in the mills like Quarry Bank. Progress did not stop there, the creativeness continued driven by the desire to produce more products in order to compete.

The trip also incorporated a guided tour of the Apprentice’s House, where the mill’s one hundred child employees lived from the ages of ten to eighteen. This had a particularly powerful impact on students, who were shocked by the idea of sixty girls sharing a room and children being unable to see their parents for the eight year duration of their apprenticeships.

Quarry Bank is going full circle in the next few years with the National Trust planning to re-commission the use of sustainable power by using the water wheel and turbines to generate all the electrical power required for lighting and displays.

For the students being able to see, hear and smell technology in action was a wonderful experience which truly brought history alive.


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