Mind Mapping & Creative Thinking

Things for the begining of your project and to check at the end……

Analysis of the problem

This is a mind map for the analysis of the problem, make sure that you have included this in your project folio.

specification-planning-gcse-dt-descriptions.jpg  This is a link to a mind map of the main areas required for your specifications. Remember that SPECIFICATIONS need to be SPECIFIC. They should say such things as:

  1. The maximum cost
  2. The kinds of materials which area acceptable
  3. The dimensions
  4. Any special specific requirements of the design solution

See also the following page: https://destech.wordpress.com/2007/11/30/design-requirements-and-specifications/

Planning Research   

This map shows the areas of research that are commonly required for a project. Check that you have covered all the areas that are appropriate to your project.

 Evaulation Planning This mind map will help you plan your evaluation.

The evaluation is one of the most important aspects of your project. Make sure that you leave enough time to get it completed (including the client evaluation).

Below is a checklist of what should be in your folder:

  1. Front Cover (looks good, and must have your name on it, make the cover look professionsal)  Centre Number 48349
  2. Contents page so that the examiner can see what you have included
  3. Description of the problem that you are trying to solve. This can and really should have pictures and diagrams of the situtaion/need.
  4. Research into the problem (what you found out and how you found out.) Do not include any publications from companies or product literature but make sure that it is in a separate folder and available when you hand your work in.

The following are the most important pages in your project and need special attention!

  • Specifications (with page numbers to reference them back to your initial problem analysis and research pages).
  • Initial ideas and the evaluation of these ideas.
  • Development of at least TWO ideas and more detail on at least one other plus evaluations of these ideas.
  • Detailed working drawings (such that someone else could actually make your solution without too much difficulty)
  • Planning of the actual making process.
  • Evaluation and photographic evidence of your practical work taking place.
  • Bibliography

Include with you folder ANY other rough work, models, test pieces, development and working drawings that you have done in the correct sections of your folder.

Industrial practices, systems and control that you have used or could have used. This includes jigs, templates and formers, CAD and references to CAM.

 Any social or environmental issues that you have considered or could have considered

Each page MUST be numbered clearly.

If you are not sure then please ask.


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